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Another common error for applications using SASS revolves around node-sass and gulp-sass.

The error may occur during npm install or when starting the server.

You may use Gulp for Live Reload, Linting, and SASS or LESS compilation.

In order to install it make sure you've installed and npm, then install gulp globally using npm: Note: Your user might not have the permissions to install package globally, so use a super user or sudo. JS boilerplate: You can also use Git to directly clone the MEAN. JS boilerplate is to download a zip copy of the latest MEAN. You can also do this using wget command: Don't forget to rename mean-0.5.0 to your own project name.

JS application: In this section you'll learn how to get started with a MEAN.

JS application, install all the prerequisites, and initialize your application.

If you encounter any problem try the Troubleshooting section.

During the installation process you may encounter some problems, so what can you do?

Bower should install the packages in the public/lib folder, so if this folder or some of its sub-folders doesn't exist, run: Sometimes it can be a local issue or something that we didn't cover, in case you have any further questions please contact us via the community page.The modules folder is home to the main front-end Angular JS logic for the application.As you create various front-end capabilities and features in the application, each one will reside within this folder as a standalone module.Before you begin, you should make sure you have installed all these prerequisites on your development machine.You're going to use the Gulp Task Runner to automate your development process.Assets in this context consist of files such images, cascading style sheets (css), Java Script (js) and views (i.e. Additionally, there may be variations on individual specific assets used depending on which environment your application is running in (i.e. The essential role of this asset framework is to tell the application which asset files it needs to know about and where it can find them.

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