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Even for the noncreative people among us, the “DIYPorn Handbook” can be a rewarding read, no matter if you are a porn novice or a seasoned porn connoisseur.As a novice you gain a lot of background knowledge that will help you navigate through that vast jumble of bad porn you will undoubtedly encounter.Mr Mc Carthy, 50, said: ‘I’ve been told if someone causes an accident by obeying the legal speed limit through the village, then it’s my fault.That’s madness.’ The interior designer, who had a welder friend make the £250 device out of scrap metal, said: ‘It’s just the job.’Nottinghamshire County Council has refused on the grounds that the village – a scattering of around 20 properties along the main Newark to Ollerton road – does not meet its criteria for the lower limit.As to the name-dropping, you will find essays by some people you might already know and admire, such as Zahra Stardust, Jiz Lee, Maria Llopis, but also some medical advice on disability-inclusive DIY porn by a sexologist and some candid talk upon business models from a tax pro.

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Actually, if you follow Young’s expert advice, maybe you CAN shoot your first porno with an i Phone. The author Madison Young is a well known contributor to the world of alternate "indie-porn", she has gained her fans and followers as an outspoken feminist, artist, founder and artistic director of the famous non-profit Femina Potens Art Gallery, she is an educator, pornographer (both in front of and behind the camera), author, body and sex positive queer activist.Taking the shame and the game out of porn, this book inspires us to embrace our inner porn director and, following Young’s DIY ethos, boldly make our voices and visions heard. - Mireille Miller-Young, co-editor, The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure A smart porn primer with a fiery DIY punk heart.Madison’s lifelong love of DIY punk aesthetics fires up this smart and sensible primer to making your own porn.Mr Mc Carthy said villagers had in the past been on a police speed watch course, where they were taught how to use a speed gun.‘Once we caught somebody coming through the village at 98mph and we regularly have cars and bikes coming through at 60 to 70mph.But the author not only wants us to learn the basic facts of DIYPorn, but rather to find our own artistic mission and expression.

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