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*drool's over her kawaiiness x3* ~Lipstick Lesbian and Proud~ Well, i'm actually bi, but korrina's really the only 'attractive to me' character i ever dare look at on a daily basis, soo...They're not burning that bridgeuh, thanks i like red like roses and mirror, mirror Voiced Ishiwatari music with lyrics is pretty legendary stuff i.e. Incidentally, they gave Black Sun and Bumblebee pairings two songs each. Guilty Gear Melty Blood HD is a long time coming, whenever they get done with Tsuki Re You should definitely check out the Vol. Developers actively sparking ship wars because flames were dying down! Anyway, my go to for this type of discussion is Persona 3. A main focus is interacting with characters, but there are very few of them who have their own personalities to make them more interesting than your typical anime cliche of their respective archetypes, and they offer very little in terms of development. Whenever there is a part in the game that is supposed to be emotional, the characters ruin with with their dialog. Tartarus has no personality and is extremely long (similar to the social links). Your allies battle as if they only have the most basic understanding of the game. After choosing to play the game on hard, it gave me a warning stating something like, "This mode of only for people who are experts of the genre, and you will not be able to change the difficulty later in the game.Are you sure you want to continue," and then the game was actually pretty easy. They created a solid foundation and did nothing with it. The endings were well done but didn't matter if you didn't care about the characters.Right they have a link to TM there, that'd be amazing. tfw you know that at least half of the people not impressed with RWBY's music would have the exact opposite opinion if it were sung in Japanese. Definitely want the character songs (Red Like Roses I, Mirror Mirror, and Boop in particular), but maybe also the OP themes, I May Fall, Caffeine, This Life Is Mine, and Armed and Ready also I doubt lj3 is someone so finnicky as to care abou5 the lyrics language.

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