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This means she might start to ignore you or won’t react to you the way you are used to.

Sometimes women don’t even have to say anything to test you.

And trust me, getting a girl interested again is a real challenge; sometimes even impossible.

That’s why your best course of action is to pass most of her tests so that she will become and stay attracted. Of course, it should be noted that passing a woman’s tests is often only a short-term solution and doesn’t bring you much closer to becoming exclusive with her.

So, instead of worrying about this small factor in attraction, you should shift your focus to more important matters – demonstrating that you are actually boyfriend material.

But if you just met a girl and aren’t in for the long-term, passing her tests will definitely set you apart from others.

But instead of being nice to you, she gives you the cold shoulder or acts like a real bitch.

This could be a test to see how you will respond to it. If she says something outlandish just to get a reaction from you and tries to put you on the defensive, she is testing you. In this case, the best course of action would be not to become defensive when she says or does something.

She doesn’t even know what it is, but she feels it in her gut and starts acting accordingly.To get a clear understanding of the female psyche, you have to understand the dynamics of male-female relationships and this goes beyond this article.However, you can go out and start interacting with as many women as possible to get a feel for it, or if you are looking for a faster way, take a look at Models by Mark Manson that can clear up many questions you still might have.With passing time, though, she will need less and less proof (if you manage to pass her tests most of the time) and feels safe knowing that you are in fact a man with a backbone, and when needed, can support her.That’s what a woman really wants – to feel safe knowing her man can take care of her.However, if the tests never stop, you are in a relationship with a very insecure person.

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