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You are not alone, there are lots of Nice Girls out there who have trouble dating for one reason or another. Org is a site devoted to attempting to help Nice Girls (and by association, Nice Guys) to improve their dating skills.

Since such engagements are never stable, all such pairs are deleted and the proposal sequence will be repeated again until either 1) some man's preference list becomes empty (in which case no strongly stable matching exists) or 2) strongly stable matching is obtained.Below is the pseudo-code for finding strongly stable matching.It runs in The assignment problem seeks to find a matching in a weighted bipartite graph that has maximum weight.At the end, there cannot be a man and a woman both unengaged, as he must have proposed to her at some point (since a man will eventually propose to everyone, if necessary) and, being proposed to, she would necessarily be engaged (to someone) thereafter.Let Alice and Bob both be engaged, but not to each other.(What can I say, I got a little domain-happy.) About Nice Nice is a Nice Central site and therefore shares articles and forums with Nice and the "Nice Central" main site.

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