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A good shuttle contributes materially to the rapid and perfect execution of the work and attention should be paid in its selection to the following particulars: that it be not more than 7 c/m. wide: that the two ends be close enough to prevent the thread from protruding; this is more especially important in tatting with two shuttles and lastly, that the centre piece that joins the two oval blades together should have a hole bored in it, large enough for the thread to pass through. In filling the shuttle, be careful not to wind on too much thread at once, or the blades will gape open at the ends and the thread get soiled by constant contact with the worker’s hands. Order a smaller or bigger one if your hands are a bit smaller or bigger, and probably a bit bigger if you are a man.If you are also looking for brand ideas, David Reed Smith makes some great shuttles, and there are several other good options.Imitation tatting can be purchased, but nothing beats the real item.Costume designer Andrea Galer supports this dying craft as she uses handmade lace in her items.RARE ANTIQUE PRINCE ALBERT TARTAN WARE TATTING also insured, trackable postage is preferred and according to paypal should always be u. Hemline h887 | metal tatting/lace making shuttle |.

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As far as size, if you consider you have fairly average sized hands for a woman, then a 2.5″ or 2.75″ shuttle will probably fit you best.

These shuttles were larger than those used for tatting, but used in a similar manner. Here the first difficulties for beginners arise and until they have sufficiently mastered the movements of both hands not to confuse them, we advise them to pay careful attention to the following instructions. By this movement a knot is formed, the first part of the “double knot”, which is the most common one in tatting. These picots may be made of 4 or 5 knots, as in fig.

Although the world “tatting” is not found in printed text until the 1840’s, in 1781, Parson Woodforde mentions buying a pair of small ivory shuttles for his niece for one shilling. As soon as you have put the shuttle through the loop, place the right hand on the table with the thread tightly extended, leaving the left hand perfectly passive. Remember that the right hand must be kept perfectly still as long as the left is in motion and that the knot must be formed of the loop thread that is in the left hand.

You can view and purchase your own Austen garments, made by Andrea Galer, at our online shop. Handwork allowed a woman to sit still and be useful at the same time.

It enabled her to show off her industriousness, good taste and delicate hands.

what i can say it is ina very good condition and it seems seems that it hasn't been used much (i think) but it is silver plated because it.

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