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Class 1a - The following taxpayers fall under class 1a, as long as they do not fall under class 2: For tax class 1a the taxable amount is calculated as follows: 50% of the difference between net taxable income and EUR 45,060, provided that the maximum rate cannot exceed 39% for the income bracket between EUR 37,842 and EUR 100,002, 40% for the income bracket between EUR 100,002 and EUR 150,000, 41% for the income bracket between EUR 150,000 and EUR 200,004 and 42% for the income in excess of EUR 200,004.Class 1 Taxpayers (singles) who do not belong to either Class 1a or Class 2.A customary place of abode is deemed to exist if an individual has been present in Luxembourg for a period of at least 6 months.Is there, a de minimus number of days rule when it comes to residency start and end date?

The extra-professional abatement will amount to € 2,250 per spouse/registered partner filing separately.

The tax class applicable in these circumstances will be the tax class 1.

However, couples may opt for a different allocation of the taxable income.

A surcharge amounting to: For the purposes of taxation, how is an individual defined as a resident of Luxembourg?

An individual may be considered a Luxembourg resident for tax purposes to the extent the following circumstances are met, subject to double taxation treaty provisions.

It is essentially based on facts and circumstances.

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