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Naggar is also famous for the Roerich Art Gallery, which houses the paintings of Nicholas Roerich as well as his sculptures.

Located at a distance of 45 km from Kullu, Manikaran is famous for its hot springs and is also an important religious destination for Hindus and Sikhs.

It is also the location of the Indian Army Special Forces Training School.

Located 3 km north of Manali, Vashisht is a satellite town of Manali and is very popular among tourists, locals and foreigners alike.Category : History & Culture This is one of the major tourist attractions in Kullu.This palace houses beautiful miniature paintings done in Kullu style with themes such as simple rural backgrounds with human figures in them.Celebration of Dussehra is in itself a prime attraction of the valley drawing many tourists every year.Category : Religious One of the prime tourist attractions of Kullu is the Raghunath Temple which is dedicated to Lord Ram, one of the most important deities of Hinduism.Idols of Goddess Durga, Lord Vishnu and Lord Ganesh are housed in the three-sided shrine outside the temple.

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