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These dynasties are then grouped into Kingdoms and Intermediary Periods, preceded and followed by other unnumbered dynasties and periods.

This divides ancient Egyptian history into roughly ten divisions:- The early Dynastic period: Dynasty 00 to dynasty 2- The Old Kingdom: Dynasty 3 to Dynasty 7- First Intermediate Period: Dynasty 8 to Dynasty 11 (part 1)- Middle Kingdom: Dynasty 11 (part 2) to early Dynasty 13- Second Intermediate Period: Dynasty 13 to Dynasty 17- New Kingdom: Dynasty 18 to 20- Third Intermediate Period: Dynasty 21 to the 24th Dynasty- Late Period: Dynasty 25 to 31- Macedonians- Ptolemies- Roman Period Egyptian archaeology during the Dynastic Period has always been tied to the King list.

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Some other societies, like the Mesopotamians used eponym lists, naming the year after the chief magistrates.

Egypt used none of these systems, hence the importance of the king lists to historians and archaeologists.

Contact us at [email protected] The basic unit of Egypt’s ancient history is the dynasty.

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