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If I had known I'd have a hot architect balls deep inside of me before the end of the weekend, I'd have made time for a pedicure.Also, a little chat about not losing my shit at all the wrong moments.Also, if you are into browsing, some sites will not let you use more than category and if you want to eliminate books not in English you will have to wade through ALL the books on that site in no particular order.I don't write many reviews but this app deserves some input.

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You’ll simply browse through the e Book Search catalogs, pick a book, and after a couple of taps on the screen you’ll be reading the book on your favorite e Book reader app -- Kindle, Nook, or i Books (or most other reader apps)… e Book Search taps into a little known supply of classic books -- by authors like Jane Austen, and Mark Twain.And it’s the same with thrillers, romances, science fiction, and more. Keep on throwing your money away buying books from those other guys -- you know the ones.Or, keep the cash in your pocket, and get 2 million free books with e Book Search.Even the one publishing house providing its own list has its data thoroughly disorganized.DUMP THIS DOG and question Apple's allegedly strict quality standards.Hindsight was a bitch, and karma...well, I didn't know her story yet. After a routine assassination almost gets her killed, she chalks it up to a fluke.

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