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NEW YORK CITY — How does one spend ,000 on dating in a year?

Take the average dinner date bill of David, a 30-year-old New Yorker who recently revealed his expenses to DNAinfo:► A drink at the bar: ("Most of the time they were running late so I guess that is one drink for me," he said.)► Shared appetizer and dessert with two main meals: ► Bottle of wine: ► Round of drinks at a nearby bar if it goes well: ► Tax and tip: The total is 4 for one date and David estimates he goes on these dinner dates at least six times a month.

On September 25, 1789, Congress transmitted to the state Legislatures twelve proposed amendments to the Constitution. The second Article, limiting the ability of Congress to increase the salaries of its members, was ratified two centuries later as the 27th Amendment.

Numbers three through twelve were adopted by the states to become the United States (U. Though they are incorporated into the document known as the "Bill of Rights", neither article establishes a right as that term is used today.

"A few single clients have brought up the subject of dating expenses to Russell Bailyn, a financial planner.

One client made a decisive switch from 0 dinner dates to meeting for coffee. When I was dating I would often do dinner as a first date and it's true that the majority of times that person doesn't turn out to be your wife," said Bailyn.

The first Article, dealing with the number and apportionment of U. Representatives, never became part of the Constitution.

It largely responded to the Constitution's influential opponents, including prominent Founding Fathers, who argued that the Constitution should not be ratified because it failed to protect the basic principles of human liberty. Two additional articles were proposed to the States; only the final ten articles were ratified quickly and correspond to the First through Tenth Amendments to the Constitution.

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After some less than stellar dates, it is easy to wonder what caused the date to go wrong.

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I teach ESOL and I buy multiple copies so I can make sure that all my students can have a copy as they will hopefully begin studying for their US citizenship. It is extremely handy to have compared to a textbook!

"I had thought about it, but I never bothered to add it up."New York is an expensive city with an active dating scene, so it makes sense that its residents are doling out tons of cash to find love or a brief stint of companionship.

However, few calculate the true cost of dating or ponder whether they are getting what they want for the money they spend, according to dating experts."Often these guys are shocked when they realize how much they spend on dating and, since they're all single, how poor their return on investment actually is," said Chris Luna, a New York City-dating coach."If someone is making 0,000 a year and they are spending 10 percent on dating, that's insane."In his dating seminars, Luna has his participants, who are mostly male, face what they spend.

Sometimes he pays for his date's cab ride home if she has a long subway ride ahead and then there are the subscriptions for a handful of dating sites.

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