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Whether you date other students or not, you’ll want to let your significant other know when you’ll be muttering quietly to yourself between the library stacks and when you’ll be feeling social … Dating a professional can remind you that there is a life outside and beyond school that you’re working toward, and that this isn’t the last time you’ll be busy or have a hectic schedule.

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Your college will communicate with you regarding arrival, gowning, catering arrangements and any charges you may be required to pay.

Make a date with yourself first by picking one or two activities outside of academia where you can meet people.

Be clear with your dating partners about your time constraints—and patient when it comes to theirs. The problem with dating people in your field is that you get sucked into the vortex of kvetching about your thesis, adviser, or students.

You may be surprised to discover hidden similarities and character traits that you haven’t been ignoring. You see these folks every day, and maybe you even work elbow-to-elbow with them in a lab or library. One surefire way to complicate the next two to five years of your life is to alienate one of your six colleagues. Consider those awkward dinner dates when you’re competing for the same—possibly niche—positions or post docs.

They’re your intellectual equals, and hey, convenience is a significant factor in graduate school dating. As an end note, for those of you who haven’t already figured this out, trust us and DON’T date your professors. conferences, but do everyone a favor and don’t succumb to this rookie mistake.

Eventually, though, you may want to socialize outside the faculty mixers, and you may even want to date.

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