Colleen dating sullivan

He said that I waited patiently while he was at school, and he never wanted to be away from me when I needed him most.Before I knew it, he was down on one knee asking me to be his wife. Soon we headed home and met up with family to celebrate.When @taylorswift kills you when she follows you on tumblr RIP ME WHAT IS LIFE!!!!!!!!I get to see Taylor tonight at IHEART music awards & OMG AJFJSKLSKSLSK A post shared by colleen erin (@coll_erin) on But the awesomeness didn't stop there. The girls even got a picture with Tay and they all looked like total besties.

The whole life-changing ordeal started on Sunday before the i Heart Radio awards, when Taylor followed a fan named Colleen Sullivan on Tumblr and totally made her life, which is made clear by the Instagram she posted totally freaking out.

After living together for six months, we decided to take a private vacation in Longport, NJ.

It was during this week that we decided we were ready for the next step.

Sadly, due to Tropical Storm Hermine, they were already evacuating and heading home.

Despite the ominous weather, Chris insisted we head down the shore one last time before the fall came.

We strengthened our relationship by growing up apart during college years and visiting each other as much as possible.

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