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They rented their family home out for six months a year and spent that time in India, sometimes in one place, sometimes travelling.

They loved the adventure, the cultural difference, and the warmth. Later came the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel about the pleasures (and traumas) experienced by a group of British pensioners on moving to India, a country that respects the elderly.

China mobile networks operates much in the same way, however there are a few wrinkles that you should be aware of — so here is a guide to help you figure out which SIM card to get when you come to China. Network: The 2nd largest mobile carrier in China, and is the only carrier that has 3G that will work with phones from outside China.

The largest mobile carrier with about 70% market share. So even if you for some unknown reason find yourself out in rural-nowhere China, you might not be able to find a real toilet, but at least you will still be able to get a SIM card there. Coverage: China Unicom coverage is not as extensive as China Mobile, but is still very good.

“And I even save.” Amid the stories of the good life – maids, massages, tennis and swimming – I wondered if the retirees found something meaningful to do. He’s helping to run tours of Long Tan and Nui Dat with the income going to a Vietnamese children’s charity. In Sydney you hang around with the same people, the same age group, the same socio-economic group. Facing what they considered a frugal, boring life at home, some retirees have opted for adventure. Click ‘Subscribe for free’ to have it emailed to you.

Network: China Telecom uses a CDMA network which is incompatible virtually all phones purchased outside China. It has 3G / HSPA that works with international mobile phones and the coverage is almost as good as the leader, China Mobile.

Retirees who face the prospect of a frugal existence in Australia’s high cost cities are taking off to live in Asia where their pension and super go further.

Can you imagine doing that – selling up the family home or renting it long-term, and establishing a new life for yourself in Bali, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand or Cambodia?

“We were renting and had always been renters, so the prospect of retiring meant our lifestyle would have to change dramatically.

I think we calculated that on a pension, the only alternative for us would have been a caravan park in central Victoria or on the central coast of NSW….

“The trend to living overseas in retirement is basically economically-driven,” Colleen said.

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