Chatrooms for young adults

Despite the fact that there are real life nightmares that were a result of internet chatrooms, teenagers still give away information about themselves on the all acces web.

Predators lie about their age and name, and say the most sparkling information about themselves just to catch the interest of a young adult.

Teenagers constantly think that they will never be murdered or kidnapped by anyone, but before they can blink, they watch their life flash before their very eyes.

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Boyd found that members, most of whom are teenagers, use the site to develop their identities and to meet friends or form new relationships.

Justine Cassell, professor of communication studies at Northwestern University, who presented research at the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference in St.

Louis, said: "The Internet is not diminishing community activity, but simply transferring it to online communities.

"It is about identity production — how I fit into society, who am I, who are the cool teachers in school," she added.

"It's a new forum for hanging out that creates new publics.

The burger joints where kids used to meet are gone and malls are now banning teenagers who aren't with adults.

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