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You must be registered in the Parish (separately from your parents) prior to beginning the nine month process and be active and practicing Catholics with NO Canonical impediments to marriage.

The Diocese of Phoenix requires a NINE MONTH marriage preparation process.This allows us to focus on the Mass and Christ’s death and resurrection.Please speak with the deacon in regard to how and when it is appropriate to eulogize and pay tribute to your loved one at the vigil. We recommend that the family schedule a Mass intention at the parish where the Funeral Mass will not be held.The Church clearly prefers and urges that the body of the deceased be present for the funeral rites, since the presence of the human body better expresses the values which the Church affirms in those rites (1998, p.391).” In the event that cremains are necessary, yes, the funeral home is required to transport the cremains to the church and cemetery.The Funeral Rites of the Church are the acts that express our belief that we will one day be with Christ and those who have gone before us.

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