Caroline dhavernas dating

Thus, for the fans who are still skeptical about the validity of Alana and Margot as a couple, we must keep in mind that, like many times on Hannibal, it is wise to wait and see the full scale of the greatness Fuller will deliver.The romance of Alana and Margot has not yet run its full course.LGBT representation is important especially in television and film because these two platforms reach the largest audiences and have the ability to impact the most people.

Alana and Margot now join a surprisingly short list of characters in lesbian relationships on television today.In the Post-Mortem episode, Caroline Dhavernas explains that Alana being in a lesbian relationship is not “new for her.” Alana has always been a bisexual woman, but it is part of her backstory that has never been mentioned or explored.It is extremely important that Dhavernas acknowledged the sexuality; one of the main problems bisexuals face is bi erasure, meaning that bisexuality is often ignored or claimed to not exist.While there have been several gay relationships implied in the show, Alana and Margot were the first to actually be labeled as such not only by the cast and crew, but by the show itself (shoutout to Mason Verger for his comment in “Digestivo! A common television trope is to put two women characters in an intimate relationship simply to please the male viewer’s eye, and this is definitely not what Fuller has done by bringing these two ladies together.Because of their past experiences, it is feasible that they have found comfort in their love.Alana Bloom is a revolutionary character in the face of bisexual representation, particularly because she is so opposite from what other shows in the media do when it comes to recognizing and exploring the sexuality.

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