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Using your smartphone, you can view a 130 degree angle of the room you are monitoring in real time, in full high definition 1080p resolution via the 4K, 8 Megapixel image sensor.

It’s even possible to hone in parts of the screen thanks to a 12 x digital zoom facility.

Like other products in the Nest range, it is designed to be integrated with a number of products including Google Home and Amazon Echo for voice control as well as lighting solutions such as Philips Hue.

For example, if movement is detected the Nest Cam can be programmed to switch some or all of the lights on in the property.

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Once the Nest app is set up, operating the Nest Cam IQ is a relatively straightforward process.

Capable of displaying video up to 1080p (1920 x 1080) at 30 frames per second, the Nest Cam IQ is certainly one of the best security cameras we’ve seen when it comes to quality.

Even black and white footage captured in night mode via the IR sensors is impressive.

Prices start at /£8 a month or 0/£80 a year for 10 days of recording time or a hefty /£24 a month or 0/£240 a year for 30 days recording time.

If you have more than one camera you will have to pay an additional subscription, but this is half price.

A nightvision mode is provided for monitoring in darkness although footage shot in this mode is displayed in black and white.

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