Callard harris dating


He’s very loyal to Jax and previously served as a medic with the British Army.

His estranged wife is Fiona (Bellina Logan) and, together, they have a daughter named Kerrianne.

TV show description: This dark and humorous drama follows the members of a notorious motorcycle club from Charming, California.

The mission of the local Redwood chapter of the Sons of Anarchy (SOA) is to protect their simple town from advancing drug dealers and local corporate developers — while also making sure their illegal arms business continues to thrive.

Ferraez, Mitch Pileggi, Callard Harris, Julie Ariola, Tory Kittles, Sprague Grayden, Nicholas Guest, Jay Karnes, Tara Macken, and Drea de Matteo.He’s one of the group’s more violent members, is closest to Clay, and doubts Jax’s ability to lead.Filip “Chibs” Telford (Tommy Flanagan) serves as the club’s medic for emergency backroom surgeries.Wayne Unser (Dayton Callie) is the Chief of the Charming Police Department and also owns a trucking company.He’s not above using the SOA for protection and various other questionable activities.The group’s clubhouse is adjacent to the Teller-Morrow auto mechanic shop.

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