Building confidence in dating


Lack of self acceptance can go a long way toward eroding love relationships, since the negativity you harbor about yourself will surely bleed onto your partner.Negativity is like a cancer that grows and spreads from one partner to the other, poisoning the entire relationship.At its extreme, low self-esteem can cause people to reject or sabotage love relationships almost automatically.Feelings of self-disdain and shame may run so deep that some people cannot allow anyone else to love them, no matter how much someone might try.If you listen to and honor your inner messages, your partner will respect your inner radar.Your internal beliefs and expectations will be reflected outward and you will be treated in kind.Instead, intensify your personality: If you're shy, take a book to the bar; if you're the life of the party, initiate the body shots; if you're a one-woman guy, keep holding out for that long-term relationship.

On the other hand, if you require respect, kindness, caring, and integrity in your relationship with yourself, you lay the groundwork to receive the same in your relationship with others.One of the most important things you can leam from nurturing an authentic and loving relationship with yourself is acceptance.At the root of unconditional love is the perception that whatever your partner does, says, feels or expresses will be received in an atmosphere free from condemnation.Authentic love is attracted by those who desire it and is repelled by those who need it.Wanting connotes sufficiency and desire; needing connotes insufficiency and dependency.If you are stingy with yourself, be it in terms of time, money or attention, you will most likely attract a lover who lacks generosity toward you.

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