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Using the i Cal format (.ics) link below you can have the calendar software update your computer automatically with any new events or information added by the school.

Brief instructions below cover the most popular online and calendar software.

Users with both a Blackberry and i Pad or i Phone seem to be the worst off.

i Cloud cleared out the mailbox and the appointments were deleted from the Blackberry on the next sync. Outlook Integration | Default Data Files | i Cloud folders won't expand Sync Stops Working | General Issues | Instant Search doesn't find in all fields Sync Blackberry & i Cloud data | Disabling i Cloud Sync Configure Me account without i Cloud | More Information Calendar Sync Issues | Contact Sync Issues Can you use i Cloud with Outlook 64-bit? You will need to install the 64-bit version of i Tunes.

Your responses are very encouraging indeed, showing a very high degree of satisfaction.

We will be using some of the ideas you wrote as a basis for making our school better.

If Outlook keeps disabling the i Cloud add-in, see i Cloud Doesn't Sync We're seeing a lot of questions (and complaints) about Apple's i Cloud service and it's integration with Microsoft Outlook.

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Set the auto-refresh time as necessary ("daily" would be OK).

You might be able to import individual events from our School Google Calendar - please click on the link above and follow instructions on your device.

You might be asked to add an by save keep" name="_GPLITA_16" href="#"You can also use the link to subscribe to the school calendar from other ical frindly calendars such as Apple's i Cal where you click "Subscribe..." from the "Calendar" section of the menu bar and paste the link.

If you are using an Android phone this calendar will then sync to your Android phone, providing the account you add the calendar to is the account that you sync to your Android phone.

Copy the link above and paste it into an email and send it to yourself.

If a child is entitled to 'income based free school meals', in addition, the school will receive Pupil Premium which enables us to subsidise things such as music tuition, residential and other visits or other learning support which will benefit your child. If you think you may be eligible, please apply online at or if you would like help with it, please let Paul Sweetnam or Tracy Weaver know.

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