Bind updating outside zone

I have 3 zones that all point to a file via $INCLUDE. My current dns server doesn't have exporting zone options ...

When I add a new DNS record to I now have to: 1) Update the reverse zone 2) Update the serial # in zone1 3) Update the serial # in zone2 4) Update the serial # in zone3 Is there a tool/script that helps automate this? Any help appreciated Thanks Pierre In article I'd like to ...

The problem is we're not going to get to upgrade the central bind based DHCP/DNS (4.

X something, managment is tight on budget)server for 6 months.

A second question is what is the best way to defeat attempts to update DNS zone files?

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No one from headquarters can hit anything on our network by name, since their DNS suffix is When talk to others, I never describe it clearly for naming bind. Bind 9 zone transfers from MS DNSI setup a slave zone on my Su SE 9 Linux box, and trying to transfer records from a Microsoft DNS server which is running Windows 2000 SP4. I can see the following series of events in the logs (filtered): 05-May-2009 .466 notify: info: zone sending notifies (serial 2012410499) 05-May-2009 .659 general: debug 1: ... "Malformed Transaction" after thawing large zone with lots of DDNS updates / BIND 9.6.0-P1--===============3916032387353809754== Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=0015174c4616bd2cfd046a4a3950 --0015174c4616bd2cfd046a4a3950 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Hi, A large zone is frozen with 'rndc freeze', changes are done to the zone file, DDNS updates are enabled again with 'rndc thaw'.However when I try to add a...truncated DNS zone file solved with BINDDigging into DNS Humble little DNS gets far too little attention -- ignore it at your peril Chad Dickerson Aug 13 2004 [...] My first encounter with serious DNS problems occurred years ago when I took over the operations of a troubled IT department. The windows XP and 2000 clients should get their ip adresses from the dhcp server and register their hostnames via dynamic update function in the named server database.DNS administration in the group was haphazard at best, and because DNS was being administered via an over-simplified GUI on Windows NT, the administrators didn�t have to understand how DNS really worked. And then the phones started ringing when our Web site became unavailable. Zone transfers from Win2K AD-DNS to BINDHello Here's the situation: our company was purchased a while ago by another company. We kept our domain name and our "old" naming convention and DNS suffix stayed the same ( because it's close to impossible to rename Win2000 AD without some major PITA. The clients get their ip adresses but the dynamic update is not running flawless ?Most of the attempts involved valid host names in domains that are not exposed to the Internet.

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