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Anything they did, even anything they said while they were doing it, got cleaned up, erased, made to disappear like the bloodstains of the people who came after them, or the traces of evidence that were burned away by masked nameless teams that Casey called in."I love you," Chuck would say right before he came."You're drunk, Bartowski," Casey would answer right before gripping him tight to finish him off. ""Because, moron, any minute you're going to realize what I am and leave! You're the one who keeps talking about how it might be easier if you got re-assigned. Are you thinking about her every time we go on a mission, every time we fuck after? ""I worry that if you can't say you love me, then you're too emotionally damaged to stay with me.""Well I worry that you're not cut out for this job, you still care WAY too much, and the first time we accidentally kill a civilian or fail to save some kid, I'm going to walk in the door and see you've put a bullet in your head! They tried it in public while undercover at a leather club; that one, Chuck got off on but decided not to repeat. Chuck doesn't speak to him besides for the job for a while after that.

Hands still, at his side, NOT threatening to kill Jeff and Lester even when they deserved it. He smiled as he asked, "Did you really threaten Devon with an oven? The grunt said, "It was the closest appliance at the time.""So... "Casey grunted again, and for once Chuck couldn't decide what it meant."Devon doesn't... Casey's lips twitched up and he leaned in for a long kiss, warm and slow. He said, "I'm surprised you didn't maim Awesome with this piece of paper, actually.Sometimes carrying a videogame for Morgan and Chuck to try, sometimes, holding a bag from a specialty grocery with the ingredient that Ellie needed and Chuck had been too tired to remember, sometimes holding a book that Chuck would like and Casey wouldn't, one that Chuck would read aloud from in their bed. Then Casey protesting that the government did not invest millions in Intersect technology so Chuck could invade his boyfriend's privacy. You've been a pain in my ass for years."A big smile. He leaned up for another kiss, and this time it was even better. Sometimes a hand dragging Chuck to make love somewhere, so his hands would have the chance to communicate in the way they did best. But he closed his eyes and listened, tried to hear if Chuck was calling him, using some codeword maybe. Casey opened his eyes, followed it to a corner that was fortunately out of sight of the warehouse workers.But all he could hear was the clang and the bang of containers being shoved, dropped or turned, that dull metallic-on-concrete sound again and again, random and useless and so damn loud. As he neared it, he felt a wave of relief swell inside of him, and right before he pried opened the container door, he was surprised to find that he actually recognized the tune being banged out by Chuck's feet against the container wall.What happens when Devon decides to give Casey some dating tips about his relationship with Chuck? But we see people we care about (Chuck, you, etc.), and we like to talk about it. So take it from someone who knows how to treat a Bartowski: if you want Chuck, you're going to have to go for it.

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