Auctioneer market price not updating


Outside the Auction House, users may mouse over item icons or links to bring up an extended tooltip, which will include a fully configurable set of data.The user can decide to show the Market Price, which uses Probability Distribution Functions from all active statistic modules to recommend a purchase/sales price, numerous outputs from each of the Statistic Modules, and the vendor sales/purchase prices.The results of a reserve price auction, however, can be different from what many e Bay bidders expect, and the rules surrounding reserve price auctions are slightly different.This can make for a confusing and frustrating state of affairs.A: If you're the high bidder on an auction that has ended and the listing shows that the reserve price was never met, you're likely out of luck.

Depending on what others do, you could still end up the high bidder A: You have three basic choices about how to proceed.Here's what you need to know to make the most of reserve price buying and selling.When a seller lists an item for auction on e Bay, they are given the option to supply e Bay with an optional "reserve price" for the item.Partial scans of a single item may be done from Auctioneer's "Post" frame or the "Appraiser" frame, which will quickly compare the price of the item being placed for sale to the current listings/auctions of that item.It is highly recommended that, even when using partial scans, a full "slow" or "fast" scan should be completed roughly each game session or two.Reserve price auctions can be a confusing topic whether you're an e Bay seller or a would-be bidder or buyer.

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