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My event log has thousands of entries for code 3003 which says "A validation error has occurred.".

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This work is done in the code-behind and does a lot of this type of check and casting.

I already know that but I cannot add that to whole site. I even could not find how to clear programmetically the selected event ids from event log That means I have to validate on client or if to validate on server then I have to turn off validate Request.

Since this event is logged before running my page code, I have no control on it.

In this article we will learn about client-side validation that is done using Java Script. In the preceding syntax function is the keyword provided by the Java Script to declare a function and the Vildate Data() is the function name, now write the code inside the function as in the following.

Client side validation Validation done in the browser before sending the form data to the server using Java Script, j Query and VBScript is called client-side validation. Let us first create the web application with two web pages We are adding two web pages because our requirement is, in the first web page there is form data to be filled in by the user and only after validating the form data, the form will be redirected to the next page.

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