Ask men dating older women

(Listen to this post, or right-click to download mp3.) There are two ways to attempt to initiate a romantic relationship: either by making a direct verbal proposal (e.g., "Would you like to go out on a date with me Saturday night?

"), or, to display primarily non-verbal signals that indicate interest and receptivity and wait for the other person to do the asking.

She displays signs that reveal interest, he responds, and she accepts.

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Men were far more likely to ask people out than women, which got me thinking. Also, how would people feel if women did ask men out?If both sides are clear in their intentions, they might avoid the typical confusion that comes from signs and flirting.One comment stuck out to me in my research: “We aren't in the dark ages.Turns out, most guys are fine with being asked out.Being asked is a passive role, but the guys I talked to said they wouldn't think negatively of the woman or feel emasculated. It shows the woman's confident and willing to defy social norms for what she wants. You're interviewing each other for romantic potential.Women are already prompting cross-gender friendships and dating more of their friends, so there's a foundation for women to continue becoming more assertive.

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