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On my nights off, I don’t want to go on a date with a stranger,” she continued.“That’s why I pray to God that he can just drop my husband on my lap and we can stat a relationship.” The Bachelor in Paradise alum also revealed that she likely wouldn’t date Rachel Lindsay’s castoff and her close friend, Dean Unglert. “I don’t know if he’s in the place for something as serious as I would need right now at my age, to be politically correct.” Iaconetti then shared her thoughts on who will become the next Bachelor: “I think we can eliminate Peter from the options."The last thing we said to each other was that we loved each other," Ashley tearfully recounted to Max during a recent Catfish catch-up special, where she revealed that she was staying in a sober-living facility after struggling with addiction.At the time of her death, Jessica stated that Ashley had completed a program at the aforementioned facility and was residing in her own apartment in Alabama and working at Panera.But let’s pretend as if Peter is not an option anymore.

While Lee Charnley, the managing director, runs Newcastle on Ashley’s behalf, Benítez has expressed frustration this summer over the slow pace of…

Catfish’s Ashley Sawyer, who appeared with the late Michael Fortunato on Season 2, died this weekend in Alabama, MTV News has confirmed.

The Georgia native was 23 years old and her cause of death is yet to be defined.

The claims are part of a legal claim against the company's founder Mike Ashley over a £15m deal that banker Jeff Blue claims was agreed during a pub meeting and then subsequently reneged on.

Blue, a former Merrill Lynch banker and strategic development director at the sportswear firm, claims that at a "boozy meeting at the Horse and Groom pub near Sports Direct's Oxford Street store in 2013", he was promised the cash if he could get the company's share price above £8.

She was so funny, she could make me laugh on my absolute worst day.

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