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They are just making alot of noise, because they have no ground to stand on. We put them on in the first 2 weeks as a favor to CAA, the agent we are both represented by. We suggest they take it up with their people and leave us out of it. Carney, and Theart deserve the opening spots they were promised by The Veronicas for the remaining dates.. Lisa has been dating lead singer Reeve Carney for months, while Jess is reportedly involved with Reeve’s brother Zane.

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(i have no idea, not really a shorstack fan=p) With such hectic lifestyles, there wouldn't be much time for a relationship would there?The bulletins caused quite a bit of stir on the My Space.The Veronicas stated in a bulletin, “We didn’t kick them off the tour, we were never even made aware they were ever ‘promised’ the entire 3 months!! The first time I saw him, though, he was indeed playing on a New York stage.And I remember noticing him for one reason: He seemed way too pretty to be there. Because if you’re playing the blues, chances of finding a band of like-minded, and like-playing 15-year-olds is just sort of unlikely. He played second guitar, and I remembered thinking that he wasn’t a very convincing bluesman. Reeve is a talented musician—although he never once touches a guitar in Spider-Man, go figure—but he looks like he belongs in a cologne ad, or leaning against a wall in the bar at the W hotel. In that light, maybe Reeve has indeed found his true calling.Hopefully we can make up for it and catch you guys soon! or they were just assuming they were doing the entire tour. And the claims that TLW had to turn down tours to do ours, must be a lie, as we were asked as a ‘favor’ to put them on because they couldn’t get any other tours. But in the end our actions speak louder than words.

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