Arashi dating rumors


After enjoyed the spa for an hour and a half, the two got in a taxi, and went directly back to Ohno’s apartment building apparently.It’s said that Ohno and ‘A’ met at a bar in Nishi-Azabu where ‘A’ was working part-time, and they have been in a relationship since a year ago.Of course, Ohno Satoshi is a 34-year-old man, so reasonable people would expect him to be dating somebody at some point, but Johnny’s fans are not reasonable people and a lot of them were mad as fuck.Thus, in what I’m sure is a coincidence, a day or so after his relationship was published in FRIDAY, a person close to Ohno says Johnny’s Entertainment told Ohno to end the relationship, and he supposedly did so.This is not in the article, but I have heard that Jun wanted to date Yukie but she rejected him, so he refused to do a Gokusen sequel or make an appearance in the movie.

I’m sure everyone already knows about Aiba’s half-naked leaked photos with model Yamano Yuri, and the purikura he took with her that says “we got married!

He tried hitting on the female extras in the Nice na Kokoroiki PV (I just had to watch the PV to make sure there were actually girls in it because Johnny’s PVs rarely do), he sends heart marks in e-mails, he sings about girls that he’s dated in his concert solos, and he’s had leaked photos with Shiina Noriko and Goto Maki.

And apparently Nagasawa Masami would always call him ‘Narimiya-kun’ instead of Ninomiya by accident (Narimiya Hiroki and Nagasawa Masami co-starred in the movie Shinkokyuu no Hitsuyou).

The star and his 24-year-old ex-actress girlfriend were photographed exiting a spa together, making headline news that day.

The tabloid magazine caught Ohno coming out from a hot stone spa in Tokyo on Friday night in early September, and he was with a beautiful lady who stands about 170 cm.

They didn’t say anything about Sasaki Nozomi, though.

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