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So if you are a professional trainer I suggest you use them to enhance the performance and confidence of your athletes. In order to show you the effects of the ARD on the force-velocity relationship I wanted to compare some deadlifts with and without chains. I decided to make one loop, so when I’m on the top of the lift they are almost completely raised from the floor.Pay attention on the set up of your chains because it will vary the load on the barbell during the lift: put the chains out of the barbell and be sure they won’t go under the plates when you lay down the barbell.Squat and Deadlifts are two examples of movements with a descending strength curve.The consequence is that, if you are training with regular weight resistance devices, you are not working on the second part of the lift.

The greatest effort must be at the start, but approaching lockout (finish) it becomes easier due to the force-velocity.Nautilus exercise machines (Arthur Jones was the creator; the idea, however, came from Dr.Gustav Zander in 1879) provided maximum tension throughout the range of motion with a special-shaped cam.Some years ago one of my colleagues introduced me to chains as a way to improve my deadlift.The first thing I thought was: “Here we are, some ridiculous stuff to make boys feel like men! But it looked so funny that the curiosity won and I gave it a try.This was then reduced and band tension added to yield a top (lockout) of 750 pounds and through band shrinkage the weight on the box was 550 pounds.

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