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The test was designed only for social matching purposes, Fitzpatrick said, noting that it is “Decoding their intentions is exhausting,” said Meranda Jacobs, an engineer from Nashville, describing the most difficult part of meeting new people.Jacobs, now 33, was diagnosed with autism three years ago.But psychologist Sarita Freedman said that many of her clients have a hard time communicating."Sometimes they don't understand deception or the concept of lying -- sometimes they don't understand that just because they like someone doesn’t meant that person will always like them," she said.

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"I wanted to find people I could be free to be myself with." After researching what tools were available to help people with autism make social connections, Cantu was disappointed.

I don't always know when to participate or how to participate in conversations ‘in real time’ because it's hard to pick up on the cues.” Mydske also has some of the sensory issues that inspired Cantu to start Spectrum Singles.

“Loud noises aren't normally that scary for me,” Mydske said, “but unexpected noises and too many noises at once, like lots of people having different conversations, is something I have a hard time with because I just can't process all that auditory input.

Kerry Magro, a social marketing coordinator at Autism Speaks, an organization focused on autism advocacy, is familiar with the latter situation.

The 27-year-old remembers his first relationship in high school -- in the eternal tradition of teen rom-coms, he was the varsity basketball captain and she was a cheerleader.

They also believe their autism-only model eliminates a level of stress that people with invisible disabilities face on traditional dating sites.

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