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The king's palace was built within the old city walls, including the temples of Wat Chaeng (Wat Arun) and Wat Thai Talat (Wat Molilokkayaram) within the palace grounds.

Outlying orchards were re-landscaped for rice farming.

It was the centre of Siam's modernization in the late 19th century, subjected to Allied bombing during the Second World War, and has long been the modern nation's central political stage, with numerous uprisings and coups d'├ętat having taken place on its streets throughout the years.

Reasons given for this change include the totality of Ayutthaya's destruction and Thonburi's strategic location.

Legendary Suvarnabhumi Central Thailand Dvaravati Lavo Supannabhum Northern Thailand Singhanavati Ngoenyang Hariphunchai Southern Thailand Pan Pan Raktamaritika Langkasuka Srivijaya Tambralinga Nakhon Si Thammarat Sultanate of Pattani Kedah Sultanate Satun Reman The history of the city of Bangkok, in Thailand, dates at least to the early 15th century, when it was under the rule of Ayutthaya.

Due to its strategic location near the mouth of the Chao Phraya River, the town gradually increased in importance, and after the fall of Ayutthaya King Taksin established his new capital of Thonburi there, on the river's western bank.

A moat was dug to protect the city's western border, on which new city walls and fortifications were built.

Moats and walls were also constructed on the eastern bank, encircling the city together with the canals on the western side.

King Phutthayotfa Chulalok, who succeeded Taksin, moved the capital to the eastern bank in 1782, to which the city dates its foundation under its current Thai name, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon.

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